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LawnBott Warranty

What is the warranty and how long will the mower last?
The standard warranty is 24 months parts and labor, 12 months on the battery. This is a typical parts and workmanship statement. The warranty is for the original owner and is not transferable. The warranty is valid only if purchased from an authorized seller like us.
There are many 5 year old mowers still in operation. We feel pretty safe to say that the present models should well exceed that.

What is the warranty on accessories?
The accessories warranty is 90 days from date of purchase, if purchased from an authorized seller.

Can I still have my unit serviced out of warranty or if purchased from an unauthorized seller?
Yes you could but will have to pay for the service.

My friend used it for a month and gave it to me, it is practically new, am I covered by warranty?
Sorry, but you are not. The warranty is for the original owner only and is not transferable.

I bought the LawnBott as a gift for my parents, are they under warranty?
Sure they are, as long as they are the first owner of the mower.

I own an Ambrogio, am I covered by warranty?
If your original warranty is in effect, you are covered. Ambrogio was the original name before being re-branded as the LawnBott.