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LawnBott Evolution 3210

Product Detail Page
Price: $3399.00 Ships Free!

Lawnbott EvolutionThe Lawnbott 3210 Evolution is simply our most popular robotic lawn mower.

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Check out the advanced features of this model:

Autonomous (automatic) Mowing
The Lawnbott Evolution starts and stops mowing at the times that you select. It returns to charge its batteries every few hours. Just put it down in the spring and pick it up in the fall!
Easy Setup
An installation guide on DVD is supplied with every unit. Depending on your lawn, installation takes an average of 4 hours. Some more complex yards may take longer but it is a one time thing and will pay back your time for the life of the mower.

Self Programming
A feature unique to the Lawnbott Evolution is the incredible ability to adjust its running times to match growing conditions. This is totally automatic. If the unit senses that it is not cutting any grass, it will remain in its dock for a longer period of time. If the grass growth rate increases, the Lawnbott will again increase its running time to keep you lawn looking great!

Handles Large Yards
The Evolution can care for up to 3/4 of an Acre of actual grass (33,000 sq. ft) without any problem. This would represent most 1 Acre properties once buildings, driveways and beds are taken into account.
For even larger lawns you can use a pair of Lawnbott Evolutions or add a second battery and turn your mower into an Evolution "Plus" capable of up to 11/4 Acres.

Multiple Mowing Areas
You can easily program your Lawnbott to care for up to 3 separate lawn areas per day. The only requirement is that a path is available for the mower to travel between areas.

High Capacity Batteries
Each Evolution comes with a high capacity Lithium Ion battery. This reduced the weight while providing plenty of lawn mowing power.
Slopes and Grades
Have some hills? No problem! The Lawnbott Evolution can handle grades up to a 27 degrees, the steepest in the industry. Not sure what 27 degrees looks like? Click here for a grade measurement guide.
Tight Areas
The compact Evolution can sneak into areas as small as 18 inches wide! This keeps your trimming to a minimum. With some adjustments to the landscaping, some users have eliminated trimming altogether.
Smart Spiral
If the unit senses that it has encountered uncut grass or areas where the growth rate is faster, it will switch to a tight spiral pattern to concentrate on this area.
Power Management
The Lawnbott automatically adjusts its blade speed. When it is in an area that does not need cutting or is crossing a paved surface the mower will reduce the blade speed to conserve power. It will automatically take the blade to full speed when required.
Fully Weatherproof
The Lawnbot robotic lawn mower itself and its charging garage are designed to protect the components from the elements. Water just rolls off the outer shell.
Rain Sensor
The adjustable rain sensor can send your mower home in the event of rain. It can be set to either wait until the next scheduled mowing session to continue its work or wait in the dock until you tell it to mow again.
Wireless Remote
The included wireless remote lets you send out your Evolution on demand or send it home with the touch of a button. You can even control direction if desired.
Off Season Care
A winter charging kit is included with all Evolution units. Just connect it and forget it until spring.
Alarm and Optional GPS
If you are nervous about someone walking away with your robotic landscaper, anl alarm system is included that emits a loud buzzer if the unit is picked up. What thief wants to carry a screaming suitcase? For even better protection, A surprisingly affordable GPS tracker option is avaialble. A security code option is also provided so the unit will be worthless to anyone without the code.
The Lawnbott Evolution Can Pay for Itself!
When measured against what services charge, the mowers will pay for themselves in one to two years. After that, mowing is essentially FREE!
If you are tired of mowing, tired your lawn service or just want your lawn to look its best, treat yourself the the best robotic mower available today....
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Price: $3399.00 Ships Free!

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