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Key features of the Aquabot line

Inside view of an Aquabot
Understanding the basic engineering differences between an Aquabot and other cleaners, including their seven key product factors will enable you to make an educated decision that could save you hundreds of hours of needless labor and thousands of dollars in savings. Please take a few moments to review the features of the Aquabots and compare their capabilities versus those of other cleaners on the market in order to determine which cleaner is right for you. You will soon see why the Aquabots are the most efficient, capable and easy-to-use cleaners available.

Aquaproducts full line of robotic cleaners are the most technologically advanced and capable pool cleaners on the market. With less than 10 moving parts the Aquabots are virtually maintenance free and the easiest to use.

To take an interactive tour of an Aquabot Click Here

Seven Key Product Factors
1. Ease Of Use (set-up, maintenance, operating needs)
2. Durability (longevity, quality control)
3. Performance Capabilities (cleaning coverage and method, climbing ability)
4. Savings (return on your investment; labor, water, chemical, energy, product life)
5. Service (support network for Q&A, parts and repair)
6. Specifications (technological differences; power)
7. Safety (safety ratings)

Aquabot Filtration is Second to None

The easy to clean filter bags common to all Aquabots, provide an amazing particle "catch size" of 2 microns. That's small enough to filter out algae and even some bacteria. The large filter surface and generous debris reservoir will also catch and permanently remove acorns, sticks, leaves and other common pool debris.

Aquabot Easy Clean FilterRemoving Filter From Base

Fast and Easy

You can start cleaning in minutes. Just plug the transformer into a GFIC protected outlet, drop the unit into the pool and turn it on. When the cycle is finished, cleaning the debris from any Aquabot is an easy job. Simply press two tabs to remove the base that carries the filter bag, slip it off and rinse it out. It will be ready for it's next use in minutes.

Two Powerful Motors
Aquabots utilize two sealed high quality motors that share the load and provide a longer service life than other cleaners.
Cleaning Patterns

The Aquabot and Aquabot Turbo will alternate between the pool waterline, walls and bottom. They cover the pool area in a random pattern. The Aquabot T2 and T4 units use a "planned" pattern to cover the pool area in the most efficient manner.

t2 cleaning pattern
Aquabot TurboT2
The pattern that the Aquabot T2 follows is a w style. It covers roughly 60 percent of the pool width on each pass and rises to the waterline every 4th pass. The T2 also offers a number of programming options to provide a custom fit to any pool
Click to view the Aquabot Turbo T2

t4 cleaning pattern
Aquabot T4

The pattern that the Aquabot T4 follows is a more like a rectangle. It covers the entire length of the pool on each pass, rises to the waterline, scrubs across and reverses. These new systems represent the most advanced navigation system available in a Pool cleaning robot. It also includes a remote for spot cleaning.
Click to view the Aquabot Turbo T4


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