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Robomower Aquabot Newsletter
Fall Winter 2011
The Key to a Successful Robotic Friendship
Well, the leaves have mostly fallen here in the northeast and most of you are are ready to put your robotic buddies to bed for the winter. Although your robots don't require much maintenance, that doesn't mean that they don't need a little TLC if they are to serve you well into the future. A few minutes spent now on minor maintenance will save you hours later grumbling at your so called "friend". In this issue we are going to cover the proper storage and pre-storage inspection of both Pool Robots and Lawn Robots.

Pool Robots
There really isn't much cleaning to do since these are, after all, getting constantly dunked in the pool. There are however items that wear just like the tires on your car. There include the drive belts, tracks and brush rollers. The drive belts are the most common replacement item but thankfully are also very inexpensive. To locate these, simply twist the track on the same side of the unit where the cable connects. Looking through this gap you will see a pair of small tan colored belts. Put you finger in and press at a center point. There should be a a minimal amount of slack or even a bit of tension. If your unit is run often, these belts may require replacement as often as every year but the average is two to three years. Worn belts can cause the unit to stop climbing or from not moving at all.

Tracks and Brushes
Inspect your tracks and brushes for wear. There are round indicator "nubs" at the end of the rubber brushes. If the length of the brush bristles are nearly even, it is time for replacement. For units that require that the handle be locked at an angle, check for uneven wear from one end to the other. If you are religious about reversing the handle with each operation, the bristles should be even. If they are not, you might want to consider replacing them and/or being more diligent about reversing the handle. Wear to foam brushes or the "flap" style brushes is can also be checked visually but unfortunately we have to see them. If you think that there is a problem, send us a photo via e-mail and we will be happy to take a look. To check your tracks, look at the point where they go around the brush rollers. On older units, there is a "guide" disc built into the roller. If this is even with the track, the disc will contact the pool surface and show signs of wear. The newer "G" style tracks use a thin plastic guide that attaches to the side plate supports. Looking in the same location as outlined above, make sure that they are not contacting the pool surface. Tracks and brushes are easily changed in just a few minutes.

Transformer and Cord
Detangle your cord and check for any abrasion that penetrates the insulation. If you have a unit with the foam covering (no floats), the insulation layer is under this. Wear to the foam is not normally an issue but if the inner insulation is cut, you will need to have the unit repaired. . Inspect the transformer cord as well. If you find any suspect abrasions, please contact us for service on your unit.

Filter Bag
First off.. Clean it! Use a strong hose stream or drop it in the washing machine. Caution: do not use detergent since it can forever clog the filter bag. A trip through the dryer should also be avoided. Inspect the standard "fine" filter bag for holes or the start of one. If you find damage, you should have a new one on hand for the spring. The mesh bags usually don't need replacement very often. Since they are designed to grab larger particles like leaves, tiny holes really don't matter.

Normally, you can just place the unit in a dry place and forget about it until spring. Surprisingly, mice, insects, and even snakes have been known to take up residence in the cozy filter bag cavity. If you store it in a shed, we suggest that you place your pool robot in some sort of container like a commonly available plastic storage bin.. If you prefer, you can just remove the bag from the base and store the pool cleaner, base and bag separately.

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Robomower - All Models
There really isn't much to do here. After removing the battery, inspect the blades for any damage from this seasons work. A thin build up on the blades is normal but check the cutting edge. If they show wear or damage, they only take a few minutes to replace. A sharp set of blades will provide the best cut and reduce the wear and tear on your mower.

If you are not already done with your leaves, consider a set of "Low-Cut" blades. The blade tips of the low cuts run just about even with the bottom of the mulching chambers. When using them, you set your front and rear height settings as high as they go. This allows leaves to pass under the unit where the blades are right there to meet them.

Simply wipe down the unit with a damp cloth or a mild household cleaner and some paper towels. Never direct a hose at the unit since water penetration can damage the electronics. Any build up in the mulching chambers can be removed using a plastic spatula, wooden spoon or similar nonmetallic tool

Store the unit is a dry location. Batteries should be charged every other month for 24 hours and then removed from the mower. They should have a full charge at the time that you put the unit to bed. Although it is not required, storage of the battery itself in a warm location is the preferred method. The charging station should also be stored indoors to avoid unnecessary weathering. Due to a portion of users not requiring storage due to their local climate, the corded charger is now considered an accessory for the RL-1000. This charger plugs into the wall and connects directly to the Robomower for convenient maintenance charging in the off season. In you need one, they are available from our website.

Note: if loose perimeter wires may create a tripping hazard, we suggest that they be temporarily staked down

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Probotics is a National Robomower Dealer and Service Center!

Again, there is not much to do here. Turn over the unit and inspect the blade. If it is worn, you can go ahead and flip it for a fresh edge (if you have not done so already). Otherwise you can buy a new one. A worn blade edge will reduce the efficiency of the LawnBott and can produce a lower quality cut. While you have the unit upside down, check that your casters rotate and swivel smoothly.
The condition of the charging connections should also be checked. You can clean the "Dome nuts" on the unit and the plates in the garage using fine sandpaper, steel wool, or a ScotchBrite cleaning pad. A severely corroded (or missing) dome nut should be replaced. Check the front casters for smooth rotation.

Wipe the unit shell down with a damp/wet cloth and remove any debris that has built up on the underside. The wheel grooves should be cleared of any mud or grass as well. The garage should also be wiped down before storage.

The robot and the garage should be stored indoors. Connect the winter charger and you will be ready to go in the spring!

Note: if loose perimeter wires may create a tripping hazard, we suggest that they be temporarily staked down

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If you are not familliar with the Lawnbott and want to learn more Click here
Probotics is a National LawnBott Dealer and Service Center!

So, that's about it for putting your friend to bed for the year. We hope that you found these tips to be useful in keeping you and your robot, friends for life!

Probotics - Robotic Lawn Mower and Robotic Pool Cleaner Specialists

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