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Robotic Lawn Mowers can contribute to your
15 minutes of fame.
The article below is a review featuring one of our many happy customers.
More mower than meets the eye
Staff Writer
Copyright © 2006 Blethen Maine Newspapers Inc.

A happy lawnbott Evolution ownerTROY -- Eileen Gage may have the perfect employee -- quiet, will work day or night and always knows exactly what to do without instruction.

Now if she could just teach it to paint her house.

For the past three weeks Gage's lawn has been manicured by a robotic lawn mower. The completely programmable mower works around the clock to keep the lawn in nearly perfect shape, all without Gage so much as pushing a button."I don't really have to worry about it," she said. "It does a beautiful job. It really does."

Her son, Chuck Gage, installed the lawn mowing system with a couple of friends three weeks ago. It took about a day to lay the underground wire that lines the lawn mower's outer perimeter and to hook up the shed where the lawn mower recharges and seeks shelter when it is not mowing.

"It's pretty amazing," Chuck said. "It climbs the hills. If it's raining it senses it and will go back to the dog house."

Eileen's only fear is that her new friend will finally cause an accident. Slack-jawed drivers tend to lose focus on the road when seeing the mower for the first time. According to Chuck's research, the mower is the first of its kind in Maine.

"I've been thinking someone is going to take my mailbox down looking at it," Eileen said.

The self sufficient mower has solved what was a growing problem for Eileen. Her best lawn mowing days are behind her and Chuck lives in Maryland. Eileen has hired neighbors and friends to mow the half-acre plot around her house, but they often failed to show up for weeks at a time. Chuck was thinking of buying a new lawn tractor to make the job more appealing to teens.

"Mom has had a really hard time trying to find somebody," Chuck said. "When they did come, the lawn was now a jungle and they'd leave dead grass. It was hard to find consistent and regular mowing. The great part about this thing is that it keeps the lawn looking the same way all the time."

Searching on the Internet, Chuck found a robotic lawn mower sold by Sears. That mower, however, could handle only 15 degrees of slope. He continued searching and found Probotics, which sold the Evolution. The mower could handle up to 27 degrees of slope, cover three-quarters of an acre and produces just 58 decibels. The mower is barely audible even just a few feet away, despite having a four-blade cutting head that moves at 3,200 RPM.

Best of all, the mower was about the same price, $2,000, as the riding lawn mower Chuck had considered buying.

"It was kind of half on a lark, but as I started doing research I thought 'This thing really works,'" Chuck said. "This thing, literally, you put it out in the spring and you pick it up in the fall."

The company that sells the Evolution also sells robotic vacuum cleaners that suck, sweep and even mop. They also offer a larger robotic lawn mower that will mow up to five acres, but those systems are as much as $12,000, Chuck said. The Evolution is all Eileen's lawn required.

"If you're a gadget lover you'll love this," Chuck said.

The mower uses pressure on the spinning blades to sense if the lawn needs to be mowed. If it hits a thick or high spot it will turn around and re-cover the area. The wire border can be installed around flower gardens and other obstacles to keep the mower in check. If it bumps into something, the mower turns and tries another direction.

"I would have been happy if the thing had just hacked the lawn down, but it turns out the lawn's like a golf course," Chuck said. "It builds up a database so it predicts what it's going to be like and, of course, it can mow at 3 in the morning or 3 in the afternoon. It doesn't care."

"Sometimes I'll check it before I go to bed and sometimes it will be in bed and sometimes it will be running," Eileen added. "The lawn has never looked so good."

But she still cannot find anybody to paint her house.

This article was posted with the permission of the customer. Thanks Chuck and Eileen!

Update: 8/15/07
After a year or running this Lawnbott Evolution is on the job with a flawless perfomance. We recently received the following in an email:

"Just wanted to check in with you. As you may recall, I purchased the Evolution for Mom up in Maine late last fall. I checked your website and I see the reprint of the article and of our lawn layout. The unit is working great, as always. I took about 2 hours the other night to strip it down, really clean it well, and flip the blade over. I cleaned the hood and applied a coat of car wax. Looks great. SOS pads really clean up the hill-climbing wheel additions, as well."

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