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The LawnBott offers a number of different models to fit specific mowing needs. They work more as a nibbler than a mower in that they repeatedly groom your lawn to perfection. Their advanced electronics allow you to schedule when the LawnBott will leave its charging house and begin mowing. It automatically returns to recharge and even has a rain sensor. Once it is setup, you can forget about the lawn for the entire season!

Group of Automatic lawn mowers
Advanced Features
Each LawnBott comes complete with a charging house where the LawnBott spends its time off. An adjustable rain sensor will even send it home in the event of a storm. Use of this feature is optional since the mower is totally weatherproof. Higher end models offer a smart spiral feature where the mower will automatically switch to a spiral pattern when it senses high grass. An exclusive feature of the Evolution is the ability to learn the growth rate of your lawn. It will adjust itself to reduce the operating time when less mowing is required.
Mower charging rain sensor
In the event that the manufacturer issues a software upgrade, there is no need to send the unit to us for service. Any upgrades can be downloaded from the internet.

Easy Setup
lawn layout mowing controls  
Getting you LawnBott set up on your lawn usually only takes a few hours. It is an easy process and a full instruction guide is provided. Simply place the house in a location convenient to an electrical outlet, stake down your wire, set the mowing times and you are ready to go.
Small but Mighty

Models range in weight from 24 to 40 pounds and the mower has a 12 inch cut. Don't let the compact size of the LawnBott mislead you into thinking that it is a toy. It was engineered this way to be able to efficiently mow tight areas and to prevent soil compaction. It can handle up to 33,000 square feet of grass which is about 3/4 of an acre. If you have a multi-tiered garden, its light weight and convenient handle allows you to easily carry or lift it to different areas. Depending on the model, LawnBott can handle grades of nearly 30 degrees and a spiked wheel kit is also available for increased traction. The mower will handle all types of grass and the cut height can adjust from 3/4 to 3 inches.

Intelligent Design
lawnbott design The entire line of Lawnbotts were engineered with strict attention to function and quality. Features are designed to be both powerful and, more importantly, user friendly.

LawnBott is Environmentally Friendly

With a LawnBott you can forget about expensive gas, oil, emissions and the hazardous waste that is common to traditional mowers. Clean, quiet electricity powers the robot for pennies a cycle. It is also quiet enough that you can even mow at night without disturbing your neighbors.

Since the LawnBott just trims the tips of the grass, the tiny clippings vanish into the turf to provide instant compost for your lawn. No more raking of grass or bags of clippings destined for a landfill. This method of mowing is also creates less stress on the grass, so your lawn will be healthier and you may even be able to water your lawn less!
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