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Robotic Lawn Mowers - Quick Info

This section provides a general overview of the robotic lawn mowers to help you decide if it will fit your lifestyle., Plain and Simple

Since the invention of the power mower, people have been locked into a weekly task that most could live without. Since 1999, robotic mowers have been allowing people to do just that. Can you imagine being able to do other things instead of pushing around a screaming engine and breathing exhaust fumes?

Rl-1000 robomower lawn mower
RL-1000 Robomower Docking for Recharge


Would you rather be:

  • Breathing exhaust fumes or smelling the roses as you cut them?
  • Listening to a screaming engine or the song of a bird?
  • Sweating on your lawn or swimming in a pool?
  • Rubbing your eyes due to allergies or resting them on the patio?
  • Storing / pouring gasoline or pouring a cold drink?
  • Raking your lawn or raking sand in a sand trap?

These are pretty easy answers for most people which is why these robots are becoming more popular every day. The real question is: Will it work on MY Lawn?

The main questions:
Does your lawn have hills, fences, walls or other barriers that separate lawn areas?
If it does and is below 1/2 of an acre a Robomower would probably be the best choice since you can operate it in a number of separated areas. You just need to decide if the totally automatic RL-1000 makes sense (automatically mow one area with the option of manually starting it in others) or the RL-850.
If your lawn does not have any barriers and hills are not steeper than the manufacturer specifies, you just need to choose a model. The lawn must be reasonably smooth like the average suburban lawn.
Do you have narrow areas?
Narrow areas are better handled by the Lawnbott series due to their size and random pattern. Although the Robomower models use a much more advanced navigation system, this same system (and larger dimensions) makes them have a hard time in areas of less than 10 feet wide.
Do you like a Turtle or a Hare?
Yes, this is a serious question. In the tale of the turtle and the hare, one goes slow and steady and the other runs hard and rests. Both get to the finish line and in this case will both keep your lawn looking great. The Lawnbott, as the hare, nibbles at the lawn but works much more, as much as 20 hours a day if your lawn size and growth require it. The Robomower can cut grass like a traditional mower for one session averaging 3 hours. It has the power to mow even as little as once a week.
How Big is the Lawn
Use the table below to convert your lawn Acreage to square feet. Then just view the models that you are interested in by using the navigation on the left.

Square footage to acreage equivalents (approximate):
(all are approximate to make calculation easier and a true acre = 43,560 square feet)
1/4 Acre = 11,000 square feet
1/3 Acre = 15,000 square feet
1/2 Acre = 22,000 square feet
2/3 Acre =29,000 square feet
3/4 Acre = 33,000 square feet
1 Acre = 44,000 square feet


Just a note:
We not only sell robotic mowers, we use them as well. We believe that they are good for the environment and promote domestic bliss.


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